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It’s been a while since Extreme Coding last wrote blogs. Ongoing projects (lot’s of them!) were more important and we were not searching for new clients. I know - I'm ashamed to admit that a company in this industry did not write them. I could backdate 15 articles and tell everyone that they were already there but I decided to approach the topic honestly - that is, we now start to run our company blog!

What will it be about? – everything because we are a very busy company :)

Extreme Coding is a company in Katowice, based on ... PRRRRRRR - go back - it will be boring!

Do bloga gotowi start

Again, from the beginning ...

Almost - it wasn’t a Flying Saucer, but Katowice is apparently sometimes visited by aliens. During the day we do not appear there because we sit in the office doing superb projects for you and we have to focus.

We recently received an Awwwards nomination (something like Oscars on the internet) for a UK lawyer's project www.stuartmillersolicitors.co.uk. We also made the site DagmaPhoto (oooh women ....) anyway see for yourself dagmaphoto.com – I especially recommend the gallery!

When we go out somewhere it's usually evening and it's hard to focus (sounds better). Our trips do not last long, but I plan to change that as soon as possible.

We program - boring hm?! But not for us – our team love it and produce thousands of lines of code for our customers. Thanks to what you see now you have our human form and you can click where you feel like ... If you want to see how it looks to us, then click on this link. Cool? :)

We like it too, but it's just a part of an enormous project.

With apps and mobile sites, it's even better!. Tablets and phones need to be connected to computers, turned on and checked before the customer finally gets their hands on the project. We fully test everything before it goes out into the world, on the largest number of browsers and mobile devices possible.

But it is not only the programmers that keep Extreme Coding alive. There are also graphics and PM. With graphic designers we do layouts - everything that is esthetically pleasing to the eye :) Magda is a PM, she sits (sometimes stands up) and manages what is going on with the crew. If they mess anything up Magda is on their case, occasionally raises her voice and has everything under control!

As you can see, this is the tone we plan to set for our blog. We don’t want to bore you and introduce you to the Internet of jargon. We want to show you that we know what we are doing but want to keep you engaged. We plan to put at least two posts per month – starting now!

Oh, one more thing - why this type of blog - because I (I`m Michael - hello!), I will write all of the articles and I like to write them, and this is my style!

See you around!

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We are modern miners.
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"Every web project can be interesting, a large project may require special skills. An interesting project is the one from which, together with the customer are satisfacted"

Miners 2.0
Miners 2.0
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