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6 years of Extreme coding

Not so long ago our company had its 6th birthday. As businesses in our sector come and go, I am hugely proud to have been able to provide web development, using the latest technologies, to support our clients with new projects. Extreme Coding is a huge part of my life which, it is our business and one that constantly want to develop. 

I decided to open the company when I lived in the UK. At that time I was the owner of an online printing company. In a very short time, it became one of the UK’s leadering companies for next day printed materials. First Ecommerce store (I programmed 90% of this). I received an enquiry from the US. The project was to build a store for an exclusive cosmetics brand, with a very quick turnaround. We did it (with help from Mariusz and Mateusz), completing the assignment on time. This is how the name „Extreme Coding” came about, and so we set-up a business. ‘Extreme’ also describes my hobbies (motor racing, motor biking and anything fast!). We quickly grew, receiving enquiries both local and international clients and we made our first recruit, a graphic designer!

Extreme Coding opened its office in Katowice in 2012 and since then more programmers have joined our team. Since then we have been growing the business (locally and internationally) and have now completely specialized in digital (no more graphic design) to be able to focus and guarantee our clients quality. Our specialisation is in the development of websites, eCommerce solutions and dedicated applications for customers who are looking to grow. 

In 2015 we moved to a new office in heart of Katowice, increasing our programming capacity and introducing mandatory slippers (for our team only) - apart from clients, no one at EC wears shoes – more home than office! Over time I have started to focus on business development, handing over the project management to Magda. By maintaining great relationships with our customers, Magda enhances the quality of projects, ensuring they are developed to the highest standards and delivered on time.I always put a lot of pressure on the functionality and aesthetics of the concept, it is vital that the brief is accurate and our customers always receive a complete project  that is based on approved graphics. 'It can’t be done’ never existed in Extreme Coding, and never will!

6 lat Extreme Coding

Awwwards is a collection of the best, online projects from around the world, voted for by the people. In 2014 we received our first nomination, in 2016 we received the next one for a prestigious law firm in London. This accolade increased our prestige and as a result we have increased our offer that now includes mobile applications for all platforms, both for tablets and phones. In 2014 Ascensor became our business partner. Ascensor is a UK based digital agency with the very similar profile as Extreme Coding. We have worked together on a big number of projects and have developed a number of solutions that enhance our customer experience. Working together we have upgraded our technologies our CMS. Together we have developed a modern framework for ECMS and ECM$ - our content management system for stores and applications. With each new client win we dedicate time to further enhance the CMS to make it one of the most flexible CMS solutions available today.

Extreme Coding is a team of 11 people designers, developers and project managers. Our team of professionals are creative, hard-working and always give 150%. I am very grateful to them all!

Plans for the future

This year we are launching our new website that includes details of our services, case-studies and business information. This year our priority is to improve the project implementation process. We are looking forward giving our office a make-over in-line with our new branding, we love where we are based and take pride in having a compact and very resourceful team!

„The client in Extreme Coding has never been and will never be a  number.”

People are very important to me, both those in our team and our clients – we’d welcome you to become one of them!

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