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DEDICATED APPLICATIONS Individual solutions that support your business processes

When should you create the first application to support your company?

In every company there comes a time when you should think if your high functioning business keeps growing. Does it require a comprehensive solution that will save employees time, increase their motivation and productivity? One that will keep your train on the right tracks as you head towards the next stages of growth.
Dedicated applications, or IT systems that are designed to meet the individual needs of your business - there is a wide range of solutions, often linked to third-party systems. The goal of such an application is to bring out the best in your business and improve the processes that are happening in it.

For whom such an application is for?

You could say everyone! Every business will have a process that can be improved. Many of these applications help businesses optimise workflow and document circulation.  They also control the level of access to various departments based on the privileges granted to individual employees. They are also used in a lot others things, too many to describe here. It is also worth adding that such applications can be created for purposes that are not necessarily professional. For example: motivational competitions or reward systems for an employee or client are becoming increasingly popular platforms, they support daily work in a more humorous way, for example the ranking of employees based on special awards.

How does it look technically ?

The system can be built into any technology, but it is important for it to be functional and non-functional. Functional requirements are those that define the real needs of the business that need to be developed in th design process and define target which achieves them. Non-functional requirements are basically the whole environment on which the company is based, and the industry in which it operates. We need to include IT capabilities, third-party systems, and current processes that do not address our application, but may affect its functionality.

After preparing the specification we go to the programming stage, which, we execute with the client. We consult the next steps by implementing appropriate changes that meet the expectations of our client.

After a series of tests we will complete the software development, it will be implemented in a production environment. This can be done on client servers (in particular, if required by a company’s security policy) or external servers. Each application like this should be continuously monitored post-deployment.

Aplikacje dedykowane

Internet safe and accessible

Nowadays, most applications, due to the mobile and dynamic form of running a business, are designed in the form of a web application. This is comparable to banking applications, where all data and functionality can be found in the browser window when you log in with your unique data. In the banking sector, it is particularly evident with the modernisation of old processes to current processes requires only authorised data and a web browser to allow access.

Online means accessible

Security is influenced by many factors, but a well-designed application that is optimised, implemented and complies with internal security policies will help you avoid many of the situations that could put your business at risk. Most applications should have the appropriate authorisation system and login process (sometimes even two-stage or external device are required). However, the most important thing is that we have 24/7 access from anywhere in the world over the internet.

Maybe mobile?

With a modern approach to business, we can also consider using mobile applications. So far, the devices that allowed dealers to keep up with sales, orders, etc. were very expensive. Currently, it is enough to have an application installed on the same phone / tablet to connect to the servers on the company’s side. The application can also serve as a monitoring of time and place of work. This is one of many examples of such a solution.

We have an application and what's next?

‘Use and analyse' this motto should be used by team leaders or higher application users. They should pay special attention to whether everything works properly and if any module needs improvement. It is also worth consideration whether while working with the application a different process does appear which wasn't implemented in it. Thanks to our individual approach to the company's application, we can always expand it with new functionalities to further improve its effectiveness.

Hopefully, our insights will let you look at your company, department and team from a different angle.

By providing software development services, we assist the customer at every step. If there is an idea that you are thinking about, we invite you to a non-binding coffee meeting. We will see how a dedicated solution can save your company time and money and optimise you team works.

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Dedicated applications

Individual solutions which supports your business processes
Dedicated applications

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