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In addition to programming, each Extreme Coding team member has their own passions. Each one is more or less crazy, but they are all very interesting. Some of them like hitchhiking, others are very interested in sports - mainly football. We also have a fan of Italian food.
My passion is motorbike. I definitely prefer motorcycles over cars, but I love both. We decided to try our luck in amateur car rallies, . This this is how the Extreme Coding Rally Team came to life.

A Fiat Seicento was chosen for its low-cost, shock-resistant abilities but it's a little bit different from the standard version. A bit modified (we are still working on it), a bit stronger (about 100 horsepower) and a little less unreliable (after a few 'patches').

Every day, every one of us drives a car that has at least some systems, abs, assist - whatever. We have nothing - it's a kart allowed to drive on the roads :) It gives you a lot of fun and requires a lot of skill from the driver. It does not forgive any error and you cannot count on any help from the a computer. Our corporate car carries the grateful name of Bongo!


Extreme Coding – means extreme is obligatory! Apart from the extreme projects and tasks that we fulfil in our company the extreme part also translates into my daily life. Not always extreme, but quite often. I know, I know, it seems to you that a Seicento cannot be extreme - I thought so too, we invite you to us for a ride with Bongo – I’m sure you will change your mind :)

Proof of extreme riding with Bongo, may be the little success we are having. In one of our last races, the first round of the Szombierki Rally Cup we managed to take third place. We look forward to improve this in the next races!

Photo: rajdowka.pl

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