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I like what I do, and do just what I like. You can force me to do something else but only if you have PhD in Psychology.

I never sit in one place as my daily planner is always filled to the margins. I hold quite a lot of information in my head and constantly archive the old ones.Trello is my base of daily work. I work with clients at the beginning of the project and during its realisation. Individual and hi-tech ones are the most satisfying for me. When they are finished I can just sit and look at them over and over again. I like to fight for pixels :) I am the father of two amazing daughters. Hobby - motorcycles - my number one for 20 years. I like DIY as much as long expeditions. With Agnieszka we are trying our skills in amateur car racing. As if that were not enough, our adorable black spaniel Sofi joined our team lately.

  • What I do :)
  • Awwwards
  • Innovative solutions
  • motorization and everything connected to that
  • Adrenaline - any dose
  • b&w A4 sheets of paper with „promotion” writing in shops
  • Coffee with sugar
  • Autumn
  • Seafood
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