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New Extreme Coding website – Case study

Every 3 years we develop a new website for ourselves, and we recommend the same for our clients. We always work with the latest technology and coding styles and this time is no different, we like to set the bar high!
Our new site includes our latest services with the goal of demonstrating our project development process from beginning to end.
Our new website began in a very unexpected way. Back in August. I met with Marcin (our web designer) to eat some Hungarian pancakes, this dish always unleashes creativity in us! We drew and designed, but most of all we were full of ideas. Then Marcin prepared a graphic design proposal that we rejected together, and again a second time. We concluded that they weren’t interesting enough so we went back to the drawing board for a third time, we had to continue to achieve the perfect project.

The new Extreme Coding website project.

The next design is 60% of what you see right now. After more changes, comments, redesigning ideas and another design, it took it’s time but finally it was perfectly formed. The new concept of our website Extreme Coding, Silesian was done just like the pride of where we live, Miners 2.0.

Who are miners 2.0 ?

This is us, combining several new colours and landmarks that are characteristic for our region, that are not far from our headquarters. To our new website we added: Spodek, Legendia, Gliwice Radio Station, Nikiszowiec Estate and Guido Mine. All of these things are enriched with a culture that is part of our region, mining. Journey down with us to a depth of 5 759 pixels, You’ll get to know our crew, experience our 75 years of experience and feel the history of Silesia.

Extreme Coding

Next we had to put everything into a logical order. Perfecting the UX so that the website could be friendly whlist delivering the precise user journey. We kept the projects secret from the rest of the crew until we were both satisfied (Marcin and I). Whilst presenting it to the team I was very proud of our work and the new image of Extreme Coding. It was received very positively, but also with trepidation due to the amount of work that was needed to be done. The project indeed proved to be very large and required a huge amount of time but from the very first meeting to the final functioning website, we did it, as always!

500 hours of work/ 8 man/ 3 months


Magda (our project manager) divided the project into tasks and assigned them to the team.

Sebastian took care of Front – end programming, Damian helped him as much as he could. Jacek prepared the whole CMS (content management system), in which he put a lot of dedicated sections that allowed us to manage the content. Tomek helped with the parts that were responsible for displaying pages and loading them. 

Agnieszka was in constant contact with people responsible for the landmarks such as Legendia and cared for the legal aspect of the images that we have used.

Lukasz updated the volumes of content, photos, links and ideas.

Michal  (that’s me ☺) I created the content and coordinated the vision from the beginning to the end, burdening Magda each and every day!.

Everyone`s involvement that went into developing the new Extreme Coding website outgrew my expectations and demonstrated the quality of team that we have.

At the end of each project there are always a lot of tasks, many pieces of information, final tweaks - and optimisation work. All projects require extensive compatibility testing accross all device, browser and operating system combinationss. Final content checks usability as well as many other processes. For this website there are many other tasks including emails, tasks in the management software and files sent by Skype and Dropbox. The materials and information were everywhere and we managed to control it! We had set the launch date of October 31st 2017 and this was accomplished!

It’s not everything!

We wanted to launch the English version as soon as possible, so our next step was to translate the whole website to EN and the Silesian language too. Personally, I canno’t wait for the Silesian version!
During the development of the project a lot of ideas came to our minds, which (like we recommend to our customers) we wrote down on a different list. Now we have finished working on the multi-language versions of our website you’ll be able to see movies taken by a drone, an encyclopedia of knowledge, a basket and dozens of over ideas which we will keep you informed about.

I hope you like this project as much as we do!

To all of those who have been involved in its production thank you for your time, commitment, understanding and quality of your work!


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Miners 2.0
Miners 2.0
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