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Effective advertising
Customers from around the World at your fingertips.

There are almost 26 ml active internet users in Poland and around 616 ml in Europe (data 2016). Online marketing is a set of different tools and strategies that allow You to get to these people. We will individually select the right tools, put a marketing strategy in place that fits to your budget, business plan and goals.

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Based on the tools, our knowledge and experience we will develop a complex online marketing campaign. It will activelly promote Your business, generate more traffic and bring new customers. Check out our services, we will build You strong online positions in the Internet!
Level 920Pay per click (PPC)
Google AdWords
Fast traffic increase. Let Your company be found by potential customers - immmediately!
Millions of people
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Your website or eCommerce site without advertising is like a shop on the street without a sign or goods to display in the window. Nobody will go inside and see what you have to offer.

If you wish to show your business, products and services to new prospects very quickly than Google Adwords is one of the best solutions for You. Currently this is one of the most popular online advertising solutions and is used successfully by a lot of companies around the globe.

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How can we help you in Extreme Coding?

  • We will show and explain how Adwords works. Thanks to that You will understand what you can get from Google Adwords.
  • We will develop a complex online marketing strategy for Your business. Thanks to that we will make sure that the campaign meets Your business target requirements.
  • We will optimise adverts score and reduce your click cost. Thanks to that Your adverts will be more effective, cheaper and will bring You more clients.
  • We will create and explain Your monthly reports.
    Thanks to that You make sure that advertising budget is spent efficiently and you will generate results
  • We will increase the monthly traffic to Your website so more potential customers can see what You are offering.
under control
  • you only pay after your advert is clicked
  • you can upgrade to remarketing campaigns
  • we can include area targeting for your advert - locally or globally
Level 9202 mld of users!
Get more customers using the biggest social network portal in the World.

Currently company Fanpage is one of the best communication channel to get in touch with customers and also for the brand building.

In this place a lot customers is checking opinion about Your business, reading latest news and verifying Your company. Regularly updated Fanpage is helping to get more readers, traffic and get to the precisely defined targeted people.

Your image
Profile analysing Yes
Graphic design Yes
Monthly post plan Yes
Monthly reports Yes
Monthly costfrom 2500 PLN
Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a great tool to find your target groups, audience.

Advertising on Facebook social portal are working very similar to the Google Adwords. Professional campaigns are under set budget control, but their additional advantage is profiled users. Because of that ads are displayed only for people who maybe interested in Your offer and to the people which You want to get. Eg if You have an eCommerce site form designer furniture, we can help You to get to the audience which recently bought a flat or house in particular city, estate.

Do you have high street shop? What if we help you the the people which are around?

Do you have attractive promotional offer for people from Your city? We can show Your advert to them!

Effective ads
Profile analysing Yes
Preparation of the campaign Yes
Cost optimization Yes
Monthly reports Yes
Monthly costFrom 500 PLN
In Extreme Coding we taking care of complex Facebook campaigns management as well as Fan pages. Our clients are focusing to provide the best possible customer service.
Level 920Regular news
Show you expert knowledge and increase Your customer loyalty.
Be in touch
with customers

Currently high quality content is the king and one of the most successful ways to achieve success in the internet. Expert articles, valuable newsletters are catching readers attention and generating more traffic.

In addition links which are placed on the other sites are building stronger position of the website.
Newsletter allow You to stay in touch with Your customers. It shows monthly updates about Your business, show new products or promote upcoming event. Not so long ago people thought about newsletter as another source of spam. Currently it is very powerful marketing tool to communicate with clients.
Show off Your knowledge and stay be on the front of your competitors. Our team will analyse Your current position in the web and recommend the best possible direction. We will make and send Newsletters and provide valuable reports.

Level 920Local Agency
UK Advertising
Do you want to expand Your business and get more visitors from the UK?
British Market

As few Polish companies we are offering professional research and online marketing targeted to the British market.

In 2014 Extreme Coding and digital agency Ascensor from Leeds become partners and started developing projects for PL and UK customers. Campaigns targeted to UK are in 100% manageable and optimise in the UK by their team which knows local market very well.

  • over 10 years experience on the British market
  • campaigns are managing in the UK by British team
  • possibility to direct cooperation or coordination by Extreme Coding
  • reports in Polish or English language
  • campaigns in local, correct language which are achieving great results
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