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Preparation for website development

You may be thinking of having a new website built for your business, but you do not know what is needed to create it, what materials will be required and what you will have to prepare. Here’s a few points, that will help you get the best results from your developer from the start. Keep in mind that the requirements will vary depending on the end goal - the web site  may be completely different when compared to an extensive application but there are generally common parts. If you are well prepared, the development of your new website will be much quicker, here’s my advice:

Przygotowanie do budowy strony infografika

Step 1 - Choosing agency

The first step is to send an enquiry to the agencies. To shorten the waiting time for an initial offer I suggest providing the following information:

- web address (url) of the current page (if you have one)
- Preliminary specification of the requirements and a description of the project eg "Website for a dynamically growing construction company from Rawa Mazowiecka. The new website is supposed to present a complete offer of our services, profiles of our employees, machine park and completed list of our divisions into counties. In a short time we want to begin an advertising campaign".
- suggest a list of new pages in the project (site map), homepage, contact, news list, category gallery, etc.
- links to other sites that we like with a short description of the selected parts that may apply to your site,
- the target audience, to whom the site is mainly targeted and which customers are we looking for.

After we have collected the offers, analysed them and conducted initial interviews, we will select a contractor and sign an agreement with them. Then we will start working on your page…

Step 2 - Delivery of content, images etc

It would be good if you could provide the logo and any brand guidelines (if you have one) and images of the product or company (that are to be added to the website) as soon as possible. If you already have a website, it would be good to pass your CMS, FTP server and database access. The contracting agency will in most cases be able to export the content and import it into the new management system. This is especially useful for implementations that contain a lot of content or products. One of our projects, for Stuart Miller Solicitors of London has over 300 articles, updating these manually would increase development time by a few days.

The content that you create for the website must be unique. You cannot copy it from other sites and place them on your pages, this is for SEO as well as legal reasons. The author of the text is entitled to assert their rights in a case of plagiarism. The second reason is the score of your website made by Google,  text that is detected as duplicate will significantly lowers your site's rating and will result in much lower search results, this may result in your product not being found by the customer.

Often the pages are multi-lingual. In this case, it is important to use an interpreter who not only knows the language but also the country-specific phrases and definitions. Foreign visitors to your sites will appreciate the professionalism.

Step 3 - Selecting hosting

One of the last decisions is to choose a hosting server, the place where your website will sit and be accessible to the visitors. Specification and type of server are individual, dependent on the project. There are many solutions available, from the very basic to the complex, supporting millions of visits each day. It is best to consult with the web development agency. In Extreme Coding we use dedicated servers, cloud solutions (AWZ Amazon) and shared servers, that often perform well for smaller projects without generating big costs.

In conclusion, to start building a new project, it is best to start by creating a short 'brief' containing information about your desired page Iinclude as much information as possible. At the same time work on content (I know from experience that this is the part that takes up most of our clients time). Prepare the promotional materials you have used so far (to create a consistent image). Complete the access information and be positive for the whole process to come, it should be enjoyable!

Everything ready? We invite you to come to Extreme Coding!

We would love to work on your new project!

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