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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and cookies
  • Each user (“User”) has the right to privacy protection within activity of the www.extremecoding.pl website ("Web Service").
  • Users’ personal data shall be processed in accordance with provisions specified in the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (“Act”) and the executive regulations of the Act for the purposes specified in particular forms on the Web Service.
  •  The Users’ personal data are governed by Extreme Coding sp. z o.o., 13 Slowackiego Str., 40-093 Katowice as the data administrator ("Data Administrator").
  • Data Administrator is obliged to apply technical and organizational means that guarantee the protection of processed personal data respectively to dangers  and data categories under protection, particularly the protection of personal data against their unauthorized disclosure, takeover by an unauthorized person, processing with the infringement of the Act, any change, loss, damage or destruction.
  • The Data Administrator may entrust the processing of personal data to  the other entity by means of written  entrustment agreement of personal data processing in accordance with the Article 31 of the Act.
  •  Details of the use of cookies by the Web Service is determined by the Cookies Policy.
  • If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact the Administrator at the address given below. The same contact information may be used if you wish to have access to your data collected through the Web Service, to be  corrected or deleted.

Extreme Coding sp. z o.o.

Słowackiego 13 Str., 40-093 Katowice

E-mail adress: info@extremecoding.pl

Cookies Policy

The www.extremecoding.pl Website uses cookies that are stored by the browser on the user's hard disk in order to facilitate the site navigation and the site customization user’s preferences. It is possible to block cookies by using the appropriate web browser configuration, however this lock may cause improper operation of some functions in the Web Service. Not changing the browser settings to block cookies is equivalent to giving consent to save them.

  • The website  www.extremecoding.pl (‘’Web Service’’) does not collect any information automatically except for those contained in cookies.
  • Cookie files (so-called "cookies") are computer data, mainly text files, that are stored in end-device of the Web Service user (‘’User’’) and are intended for use with the sites of the Web Service. Typically, cookies contain a name of a website from which they come, their storage time on end-devices and a unique number.
  • Extreme Coding Sp. z o.o. places cookies in Users' end-devices and has direct access to them (‘’Website Operator’’)
  • Cookies are used for the following purposes: 
    • customizing the content of the websites of the Web Service to User’s preferences and optimizing the use of websites, particularly this files allow to identify User's device and properly display the website adjusted to his individual needs;
    • creating statistics that help to understand how Users use websites, which may lead to improvement of the structure and its content;
    • maintaining Users' session (after logging in) due to which each User does not have to retype the name and password after browsing the sites.
  • The Web Service uses mainly two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored in the end-device of the User until logging-out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the end-device of the User for a specified time that is determined in cookie parameters or until the User deletes them.
  • The following cookies are used within the Web Service: 
    • strictly necessary cookies enabling to use services available within the Web Service, e.g. authentication cookies files used for services that require authentication within the Web Service;
    • cookies ensuring security, e.g. used to detect fraud  within the scope of authentication within the Web Service;
    • performance cookies enabling to  collect information about how to use sites of the Web Service;
    • functionality cookies enabling to remember user’s choices of settings and personalization of the interface, e.g in the scope of the selected language or region from where the User comes, the font size, the site layout, etc..;
    • advertising cookies enabling to provide  adverts  to Users that are more relevant to  their interests.
  • In many cases, software for browsing websites (browser) usually allows storing cookies on the User’s end-device. Users can change these settings at any time. These settings may be changed particularly in such way that the automatic use of cookies is blocked in the browser settings or the User is notified of each individual placement in the User’s device. Detailed information of the possibilities and ways of handling with cookies is available in the software settings (of the browser).
  • The Website Operator informs that restrictions of using cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the sites of the Web Service. Even after all cookies have been blocked, a small amount of information may be transferred by the browser. This infomation is necessary to maintain basic functionality of the Web Service.
  • Cookies are posted to the User's end-device and may also be used by advertisers and partners who cooperate with the Website Operator.
  • More information about cookies is available at  http://www.wszystkoociasteczkach.pl/ or in the "Help" section in the menu of the  browser.
  • If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this cookies policy, please contact the Website Operator at the address given below. The same contact information may be used if you wish to have access to your data collected through the Web Service, to be  corrected or deleted.

Extreme Coding sp. z o.o.

Słowackiego 13 Str., 40-093 Katowice

E-mail adress: info@extremecoding.pl

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