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Programmers, commandos in your projects

Have you ever wondered what they really do in work and who they are? I will try to explain the work of programmers, from my point of view (the person managing the company, who also programmed years ago to create my own websites from start to finish). Extreme Coding started this way!

As in the title - these are the commandos. People who are one of the most important part in the tasks that make your project come alive. As it is with the rangers, you often do not see them, but you see their work. Programmers in Extreme Coding are a kind of special task group, they all know how to write thousands of lines of code that only they understand. Each of these symbols or instructions is crucial and affects the end product and task execution. They like challenges. What fun is it for the commando to hit the center of the shield for a hundredth time? Ok, this keeps the level of their skills but the field mission is another challenge. Night mission is another level. Combat with the enemy, an even higher level.

Programiści komandosi

We can start with standard missions – they keep our programmers in shape and habit form. They are not a big challenge, but they require precision and correct execution as in any other project.

The next level of Extreme Coding programmer’s mission is a ‘night missions’, yes, they do happen!. Once we had to work close to midnight, there are times when the reaction must be immediate because this is what the customer expects. Waking up in the middle of the night is not something pleasant, but sometimes necessary. We managed to solve the problem and not disappoint the customer – the night mission was successful!

Combat. The master level of all our missions. Hackers attacked from multiple countries at the same time on one of our client's sites, at a really important moment for him. Now there is no doubt that it was commissioned by one of his competitors. Attacks were taking place all over the world, and our task was to repel them. We managed to do it, another mission accomplished!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Extreme Coding programmers are commandos. People who often do not know the customers but they are professional in their projects. Thanks to them, you get a working and efficient solution for your business and full support. You can be sure that they will be able to complete any mission for you. You can count on them if any unforeseen problems happen - I'm sure they'll solve them!

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