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From the programmer's diary. 4 things that makes programmers go crazy.

1. Never ending story

The project is almost complete, the programmer sits comfortably in the chair, watching the green status of tests appear. Pass: 100 %, pure success – ready. Now just deploy (implementation process) and the whole project is done. In the second room you hear the phone ring, in that moment the process is brutally stopped. Changes, changes are coming.... Is it another of those eternally unfinished projects?

TIP: Want to finish the project quickly? Before proceeding with the website, prepare the exact specification with the agency. Think about what you need on your website and describe it thoroughly. This way, you will avoid the constant patches and lengthy construction of your website.

2. IE - a legend about good operation

It is March 2011, it wakes up to life... new browser, a better quality one. Great hope in the world frontend, Internet Explorer 9. Developers have goose bumps at the very thought of it. They expect it will solve many problems that its ancestors had.

t’s 2017, 12 programmers of various specialisations sit comfortably in the conference room in one of the office buildings in Katowice downtown. Into the room comes a PM woman (project manager) the dream of each one of the programmers that sits there. She looks like Meg Ryan in the movie "French Kiss". She comes in and announces, "One of our main clients wants us to make them a supporting IE9," their faces go pale, some of them run away, some resign. And then, there is one that remarks shyly: "It will be hard, but it can be done!"

Tip: When picking up a new website from an agency, be sure to test it on a variety of web browsers and mobile devices. This way, you can be sure that your page is displaying correctly to your customers across different devices.

Pamiętnik programisty


You are at work, everything is arranged. Coffee, work, music playing in the background. The projects are implemented in sequence and the programming goes according to plan. Suddenly a message from Slack (messenger app  in a programmer’s team) appears on the screen. You anxiously read a "sudden assignment", but you have to stay calm. Once you login, you cannot believe what you are seeing,  6 new projects,  all high priority. Each one is for today and needs at least an hour of work. It is Friday, 15:30.

Tip: Be sure to let your developers know about projects in advance. This will avoid any errors that result from short deadlines. For each project, allocate a reasonable amount of time that you can set with your PM at the agency. This way you will be guaranteed that the final product will be of the highest quality.

4. Call center

Your calm, devoted to a single project, undisturbed work day, is interrupted by the boss heading towards you. It does not bode well. He informs you that he was talking to the client and you have to implement some changes and because the changes are small you have to do it now. He gives you the phone and you keep calm whilst holding the phone to your shoulder, confirming to the customer that you are doing exactly what he wants. You make changes live. In the receiver, you can hear other requests alternating with the sound of the F5

Tip: Be sure to give time to the programmers to reflect on and implement your changes. Sloppy work is never good and can generate additional problems that will increase your project time. In addition, there are several people working on this website. UX expert every change that you talk through with him will increase the usefulness of your site. Sloppy work will cause problems for your site's clients.

Dear customer, here’s your programmer.

Remember that a programmer is also a human being, always trying to do their job as best as they can, but sometimes mistakes are made – we’re all human. Try to be forgiving and treat them as they try to treat you.  A common understanding and sincere conversation will make you very happy with your programmers for years to come.
With a wink, an anonymous programmer :)

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