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The full name of this technology is „Progressive Web App", shortly PWA. What are they? They are a website or dedicated and responsive web application that works in a similar way to a mobile app,in that an icon is available on the mobile desktop to launch the app.
Website or apps that that are browser based and responsive (displaying properly on every mobile device) can also become a PWA app.
When the user enters a certain website url in a standard browser on a mobile device, all it takes is one tap to create an icon on the dashboard. From that moment the content of www website or app can be stored on a mobile device. After running a PWA from the desktop (it will be visible like any other installed app) and it will work a lot faster.
Moreover, it will also work offline. You will not see the browser bar on the screen. Your service will look like any other mobile app that you can install in GooglePlay or Apple store, providing you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers installed on your mobile device.
This is a modern solution that significantly optimises projects. A big advantage of using the progressive app is that you don’t have to connect your device to the internet. Your client can always have your website or store their finger - tips. In the case of a dedicated app you no longer have the necessity of building a mobile app (replacing it with PWA app). This reduces the cost of the project and the time needed for it. In addition, the website can send notifications (push notifications) to readers about news or promotions.

aplikacje progresywne

If you’re skeptical, here’s - a few numbers:

  • AliExpress increased target conversion for new users of 104% when they introduced a PWA for their platform,
  • Twitter - after they launched their light version as a PWA, they increased the number of opened pages per session by 65%
  • The Indian startup housing.com increased session time by 10% and decreased bounced rate by 40% with their PWA.
    * source https://poznajprogramowanie.pl/progressive-web-apps-pwa-intro/

According to Google, Progressive Web App's are a combination of the best features of web services and mobile applications.

„We are working hard on Google to improve the way we operate today and build a better Internet in the future”.

The numbers and commitment of the global technology leader clearly confirms that this will be the future 'must have' that is available just now. A few years ago internet websites have gone through an evolution because of the mobile devices. They had to be responsive, nowadays this is a standard. In my opinion this is the path that PWA applications have in front of them.

To summon up, the biggest advantages are:

  • No need for installation or downloading from an app store
  • They work online (automatic syncing) and offline
  • The appearance and way that the PWA works is just the same as any other downloaded app
  • The availability of ‘push notifications‘ allows you to notify your customers about new features
  • A low cost of implementation if the current online project is responsive
  • Access to many native functionalities that your device has, eg geo localisation, native sat nav, touchID and many more.

What do you have to do to get one ?

We can implement additional code to your existing website, this is all you'll need to help your web-based application or website become a PWA application.

Speak to Extreme Coding, we will check whether your current online service meets the required standards and cost-effectively prepare the code to create your PWA.

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