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The voivodeship where development and changes are seen every day. A place where positive energy is available to everyone. Silesia is not only the mines with which it associates. It is a modern, lively region that raises its importance almost every day.

16/17 of August
The First Uprising (as a protest against the plans to hold a plebiscite that would decide to join Upper Silesia to Poland after the First World War) is beginning. Stifled after a few days.
19/20 of August
The Second Uprising (ended after the dissolution of the German Sicherheitspolizei and replacing it with the Plebiscite Police (a parity police of Upper Silesia).
2/ 3 of May
The Third Uprising (indirectly as a reaction to the results of the plebiscite (40.3% of eligible voters voted for Poland's membership of Upper Silesia)
The present Silesian voivodeship
Creation of the current Silesian voivodship from the voivodships of the previous administrative division
The present Silesian voivodeship
Silesia. Positive energy.
Continuous implementation of the Resolution of the Silesian Voivodship Development Strategy "Śląskie 2020+"
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Positive energy
km² area
The voivodeship with the highest degree of urbanization
4.5 mln
citizens, and this number is growing all the time
The highest density of population in Poland
71 cities
19 are district authorities
49 municipalities, 22 urban-rural gminas, 96 rural gminas

The Guido Coal Mine

Nowadays, the Guido Coal Mine is the only coal mine that can be visited and that shows the work of miners underground.

The only one mining technology monument like this in the whole Europe!


The Silesia Amusement Park

"Legendia" is the current name of the icon of Silesian entertainment created almost 60 years ago in Silesia Park. The place that has now caught up with standards providing safe and extreme experiences is the first this kind of facility in Poland. It survived the transformation of the system in our country and caught up with the current requirements of customers.


The Gliwice Radio Station

The highest wooden building in Europe. An inseparable part of the Gliwice landscape. Illuminated by huge floodlights is visible from the whole neighbourhood at night. Must see of the Industrial Monuments Route.


The Spodek

A unique architectural object, which constantly associates with Katowice. A host of about 200 different kinds of cultural events each year. An amazing building with a huge history.


Nikiszowiec district

An unusual housing development that was created more than 100 years ago full of unique atmosphere. The place where time slows down and visitors are taken back to the past for a moment. A mandatory point on the map of Silesia, which cannot be missed!

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