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Why is Quality Score so important to the effectiveness of your Google Adwords Campaign?

Google Adwords is the most advanced marketing tool, based on Pay per Click. It consists of a number of elements that must be considered when planning and running a campaign.

Website`s ranking - click map

Each keyword has a so-called. „Quality score" that reflects the level that the phrase mirrors the essence of the campaign and the site to which it is directed.
As the advertising campaign grows, more factors are added to rise its effectiveness. For example, „click through rate" is a click map and the engagement that the homepage generates. Over time, Google is gaining information about how the keywords relate to the content of the page.
When creating a campaign, key phrases are added to the selected „Adgroup". While typing a word a button appears „use image" / „insert hover". - You can see the quality score for this keyword. This indicator also includes an appropriate comment, correlated with the site, and the extent to which the selected phrase reflects the content of the ad.
The more your ad will correspond to your keyword and the more accurate your website is the better your search results will be. This affects the effectiveness of your campaign, but also reduces the cost of your ad - cost per click.

Payment for the effects

A quality score that is rated at 7 points on a 10-point scale is an average. In this case all the words have the same result, the cost of advertising will be at the auction price level where everything else is equal. The price is also affected by the level of ad completeness and click map. With a higher quality score, the cost per click will be lower, approximately 10% for every point above 7, that means that when the score will be 9/10 the campaign's price will be 20% lower than that of 7/10. As a result, the quality of your search results in not only the effectiveness of your ad, but also your final cost per click.

Google Adwords

How to improve search results in your Google Adwords campaign?

Achieving high quality results is not only confirming the effectiveness of your ad and landing page relevance, but also allows you to optimise your budget.
Your key focus should be:

Advertising design

The quality of your ad, which depends on its keyword relevance, is a decisive factor in the cost of your „Pay Per Click" campaign. The more relevant your advert is, the more likely a recipient will click on it. So make sure that your keywords are included in the campaign's content and the page address. In this case, the title of the advertisement is also important.
You need to select a limited number of keywords for a single campaign, therefor for many products, it is best to individual ads. Once the adverts are running, the next factor is the clickthrough rate. This has a major impact on the search result quality - it doesn't matter how relevant the keywords are to the content of the ad if they have not generated enough clicks. This is often caused by grammatical errors or the incorrect spelling of words.

Landing page

The landing page is where the visitor arrives when they click on the ad. It is important to choose the keywords that will correspond to it. Words should be in the so-called. meta data and content of the page, otherwise Google will not consider content relevant to the keywords assigned. The landing page is important in the advanced phase of the campaign, when the effect of the quality result is engaged by users, meaning the number of clicks on the given advertisement.

Focus on the effectiveness:

The quality of your campaign is crucial to it's effectiveness. Proper preparation also minimises costs. Once you've started advertising you'll need to iclude the ad quality indicators to the dashboard, sorting them logically. This allows you to continually check on the effectiveness of your selected keywords and to improve your ads with the lowest quality metrics. In this case it is recommended to check that the keywords are also in the content of the Home page and its meta data. If your keywords are placed in the right places, you can verify the engagement metrics from the landing page. Ongoing management to conduct bid reviews and advert split testing will help you continually improve the success of your Google Adwords campaign.
In Extreme Coding we design professional advertising campaigns for both Polish and English speaking clients.
Contact us to learn how we can help you make money using Google Adwords!

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